Propecia and Beating Sexual Side Effects

For men, one of the most dreaded and common things on a list of side effects is the sexual part – especially ED and reduced sex drive. While these side effects may show up on a whole mountain of medications, it never really explains how likely you actually are to experience them. What’s more, it doesn’t explain that it is often easy to overcome these side effects.

“Common” Side Effects

When side effects are listed as common, it really means that “these are the side effects that come up the most”. It does not mean that is really common for people to experience this stuff.

For instance, decreased sex drive is a “common” side effect of this medication. However, less than 2% of patients actually experience a decreased sex drive. Is that really common?

The sexual side effects and their frequencies are:

  • Decrease ejaculate amount – 0% to 1.2% of men
  • Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) – 0% to 1.3% of men
  • Decreased sex drive (libido) – 0% to 1.8% of men

Increasing Your Ejaculate Amount

This is important if you want to experience more pleasurable, longer orgasms, or if you and a partner are trying to conceive a child. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions.

Home remedies include:

  • Stay more hydrated
  • Trying “edging” – delay ejaculating longer by taking a break when you get close to orgasm
  • Take a multivitamin
  • Gets lots of vegetable protein (from soy, lentils, nuts, etc.)
  • Give up caffeine (supposedly, it reduces seminal fluid)
  • Take a 6000 mg lecithin supplement daily (vegetable source is best)

Pharmaceutical remedies include:

  • Semenax
  • Enzyte
  • Clomid
  • Roplex

Improving Libido (Sex Drive)

There are thousands of supposed remedies for men. While “aphrodisiacs” are mythical, unless you have a food fetish, there are tons of home remedies to look at before you go the pharmaceutical rout.

With home remedies, you are looking for lots of vitamins and some chemicals that will lubricate the brain and increase testosterone levels.

Home remedies include:

  • Eating bananas (increases overall energy and contains bromelain enzyme, believed to accelerate libido)
  • Eat lots of avocado (there’s a reason the Aztecs called it the “testicle tree”, and it isn’t just the appearance
  • Raw nuts every day – the fatty acids and protein really help
  • Exercise exercise exercise – increasing energy levels, metabolism, and overall health will help
  • Lots of sleep
  • Ease the stress

Pharmaceutical and professional solutions:

  • Understand that loss of sex drive comes with age, just like hair loss
  • Therapy could help
  • Testosterone and hormone treatment has shown some success

Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence)

There are two main solutions to ED:

  1. Therapy
  2. Medication

You have some good options in Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Each of these is proven to help people beat impotence. It’s Worth It

Remember, the chance that you will have a sexual side effect is pretty small. Often, people blame Propecia for their sexual side effects when it is more likely that the problem is stress, diet, age, or even lack of exercise.

Frequently, these side effects go away after only a couple weeks of using Propecia. Only 1.2% of men with sexual side effects actually stopped using Propecia – because you can beat it and it really does regrow hair.

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